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Thilo Heinzmann

Press release

Thilo Heinzmann – Pantaloni

neugerriemschneider is pleased to present its first exhibition with Thilo Heinzmann at the gallery. Over more than two decades, Thilo Heinzmann has developed a refined visual language that explores the aesthetic and synesthetic possibilities of painting. Investigating this art form's various fundamentals – composition, surface, form, color, light, texture, and scale – his work seeks out new sensations and ways of seeing.

The exhibition, entitled Pantaloni, comprises a new body of work that draws from an array of physical and conceptual ideas deployed in previous pieces. For the first time, Heinzmann employs irregular, modular picture planes. These shaped compositions are hewn from the warm-hued, humble material of particle board, with rough edges disclosing the hidden disarray of the board’s interior. The works are painted with epoxy resin that flows, drips, dashes and melts onto the matte surface of the board. Embedded in this clear resin are fragments of the board’s interior.

The limit of the picture plane in terms of depth and boundary is of ongoing interest for Heinzmann. In Pantaloni, he positions compositions away from the wall so they appear to be floating in space. Each of the one, two or three planes of a work is suspended at an angle, and in one instance even interacts with the floor.

Particle board was initially used in Heinzmann’s work in the mid-90s, when he first departed from the canvas. Drawn to its industrially smooth surface, yet internally chaotic structure, Heinzmann was then led to materials such as polystyrene, aluminum and unbound pigment that remain at the core of his practice. With each of these elements, Heinzmann reveals their hidden incongruities and caprices, making space for a directness and freedom that he sees as fundamental to the medium of painting.

Work by Thilo Heinzmann (b. 1969) has been featured in institutional exhibitions internationally. Thilo Heinzmann is Professor of Painting at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany, where he also lives and works.

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