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Micro Era

Press release

Micro Era. ​Media Art from China

Cao Fei, Lu Yang, Fang Di, Zhang Peili

Curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers with Victor Wang, and Yang Beichen / Curatorial Advisor: Pi Li

From documentary film pictures, and the adapted use of classic film language to the aesthetics of Japanese anime, the works of art in this exhibition focus on and explore relationships between mind, body and technology, with installations and single-channel-videos ranging from the 1980s to the present. Historically, within a Euro-American context, video art is often regarded as a democratising art form – through the rapid circulation of information and global events by fast-access technologies. The artists participating in the exhibition, Cao Fei (*1978), Fang Di (*1987), Lu Yang (*1984) and Zhang Peili (*1957), scrutinise this thesis of democratisation by reflecting in their visual language the mass production of goods as well as how images and virtual subjectivities are produced and consumed, and how we understand our world through imaging technology.