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Klaus Weber

Press release

Klaus Weber – NONUMENTS

Berlin-based artist Klaus Weber works in a variety of media, and channels many disciplines of specialist knowledge: from engineer to anthropologist, from bee-keeper to anatomist. His ongoing explorations of natural, technological and socio-political forces, look to investigate our relationships with the environments we live in. By poking at the rational veneer of everyday life — sometimes subtly, sometimes with catastrophic metaphorical consequences — Weber delivers an untamable, anarchic humour.

In his exhibition at the Volksbühne pavillon, Weber critically engages with monuments and memorials to bring into question societies deepest belief systems. Traditional monuments – typically bound to ideas of national identity – depict heroic narratives and glorious victories. Everyday human failings, doubts and imperfections hardly feature. NONUMENTS is the name Weber uses to describe his contrarian proposals for public monuments. They are contemporary memento mori that reflect on late capitalist culture with an edgy, uncomfortable wit.